Chambal River


Chambal has been infamous since generations due to its dacoits Phoolan Devi, Mohar Singh, Madho Singh and many others but for wild lifers it is a wildlife hub with unique array of flora and fauna. In the North Indian plains, Chambal has been considered the cleanest and fastest flowing river. There is an amazing wildlife and a colourful community living there too. This river, which itself is a wildlife sanctuary, also flows through various wildlife sanctuaries making it a rich place for the animal kingdom!

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The fox knows many little things but the hedgehog knows one big thing, the Greek poetArchilochus once said, which simply meant that the hedgehog’s single defence defeats the fox’s many tricks.

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Spider: Tarantulas need to be protected


Tarantula spiders are creepy and crawly for some people, a nightmare and synonym for devilish poisonous critters. The image is given to the spiders by some animated books and eerie movies. However, there is a group of humans who are attracted and mesmerised by them.

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