Small Cat: The curious case of the caracal, the world’s ‘quickest’ cat


carcal-1On an average, I go for a hundred trips to Ranthambhore National Park each year, hence based on this figure in the past 11 years, I must have done about eleven hundred such trips. I have seen a caracal thrice in these eleven years and for me these three caracal sightings were the most fortunate incidents of my life. Ranthambhore National Park is the best place for sighting the caracal though during both the incidents the other people in my vehicle were least interested in it, since their trip would be complete only if they had seen the big cat — the tiger. 

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Burrows & Dens : A wondrous world under the ground

Burrows and dens are safe homes for many kinds of animals in the wildlife world. All rodents, most snakes and many mammals prefer such refuges. For them, these secluded spaces are not just ideal for staying safe and secure from predators, but also for raising their young.

desert fox  700x468

                                                                A desert fox 

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