why we (Indians) have more responsibility to save the tiger?


Did you know the tiger that you and I know of is just one of the 10 different subspecies of Panthera tigris found in 13 countries around the world? These subspecies originated from one genetic source but due to environmental, ecological and climatic variations, they have all now been genetically varied.

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Road kill: Fatal road kills are avoidable sacrifices that wildlife makes

Fatal road kills are avoidable sacrifices that wildlife makes


 (A rusty spotted cat road kill)

About 12 years ago, I had done a 2,000-kilometre motorbike expedition from Mumbai to my desert village in Northern Rajasthan -- Shekhawati. My newly found passion was to look for snakes on roadsides, as it was one of the standard methodology used by my Mumbai snake enthusiast friends to sight snakes.

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Village Relocation: Learning from Ranthambore




The critical tiger habitat of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve (RTR) is split in two equal-sized divisions. One part is the Ranthambore division, where at present the tiger population is booming, while the other is the Kailadevi division, which currently has no resident tigers.

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