Taming the wild


Man’s best friend the dog was domesticated from the grey wolf, it was about thirty two thousand years ago, when the process of domestication possibly began. The DNA analysis showed that the modern dog’s ancestor are the ancient European wolves who are now extinct.

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Religion and conservation must go hand in hand


In 1986, former president of WWF International, HRH Prince Philip, invited leaders of five major religions of the world — buddhism, christianity, hiduism, islam and judaism — to discuss how faith could help in the conservation of biodiversity and nature.

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Religion & Conservation: Time to unite religion with conservation


DSC 3046
Most national parks and sanctuaries in India are full of religious places. I surveyed Ranthambhore national park to find how many temples and mosques exist in it and was amazed to find that in the 400 sq km area of the park, the number of active religious places is not less than 100!

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