Dharmendra Khandal 

 Dharmendra Khandal is a conservation biologist working with Ranthambhore based NGO Tiger Watch since 2003. He is PhD from Rajasthan University in wetland ecology. His work in Tiger Watch has been anti-poaching- monitoring and research around Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. He has spearheaded the iconic Anti-poaching project since 2006, which has led to arrest of 70+ poachers around Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. In 2007, he was instrumental in setting up the holistic Mogya tribe reform programs, which included free healthcare, education for the families to encouraging them to give up poaching and taking up main stream life. He is the receiver of the Carl Zeiss awards (Delhi), Green Guard Award (Kolkata), Vasundra Paryawaran Mitra Award (Pune) ABN –AMRO Sanctuary Wildlife Service Award (Mumbai), Timberland Unsung Earth Hero Award (Delhi), 100 pipers true legend award, Mirza Raza Ram Singh II Award for Ecological Balancing & Improvment of Environment (Jaipur). He has written several research publications for various national and international journals & magazines. He writes a weekly wildlife column for Financial Chonicle news paper since 2011.  His work has featured in National Geographic and BBC Wildlife Magazine. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Divya Khandal

Divya is a freelance  wildlife writer & amateur photographer. Divya's articles and photographs feature in various wildlife magazines and websites. Divya is running a social enterprise Dhonk, which gives alternative employment opportunities through crafts to ex-poachers families from the Mogya Tribe and rural villagers living around Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. Divya has been working for NGO- Tiger Watch as a honorary member since 2008. Divya is also actively involved in giving talks and presentations on wildlife & conservation issues to various groups visiting Ranthambhore.